How can I have a better relationship with my mom?

My mom and I have been fighting a lot now, and I just want a good relationship with her.

Cimberly R. Nesker
Cimberly R. Nesker
Registered Psychotherapist (3579)

The best way to work on a relationship is for both people to engage with the problem and start communicating with each other more effectively.  One of the hardest things about this, however, is getting both people within the relationship to recognize that they are both responsible for the successes and failures within the relationship and remove all the all-or-nothing blame. 

The best style of communication is open and asking for clarification; why not try asking your mother why this particular fight/situation is eliciting such an angry response.  Often, the simple act of expressing that we don't understand the other person's point of view can open the doors to better levels of communication. The hardest part is trying to remain humble as we seek out that clarification and avoid the blaming language we are so used to using in such times. 

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