How can I tell if my spouse had sex with a prostitute?

My spouse visited the red light district a couple of years back in Amsterdam. After he got back from the trip he got me tested for stds. In the aftermath he has provided multiple versions of what happened, from having a total blackout to being touched by a prostitute. How do I know if he had sex?

Amy Higgs OTR/L, CLT, CAPS
Amy Higgs OTR/L, CLT, CAPS
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The answer lies in what the outcome will be. How will things end if you find out he had sex with a prostitute? Will you leave? Will you try to work things out? 

The multiple versions are concerning. He seems unable to be truthful and this is damaging your relationship. 

Before considering marital therapy, please find a counselor for yourself. The right therapist can help you uncover what is right for you. 

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