Can anxiety make me think I heard something about me?

When I'm around people, I sometimes think someone has made a comment to me or asked me to do something. I will be focusing on something else and then randomly think I hear something about me. I never know if it was actually said.

Cynthia Finefrock
Cynthia Finefrock
Assisting with neurodiversity, autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

That sounds like something you would benefit from seeing a therapist for. There are some hypotheses I can think of. 1. Maybe someone really did say something but you were too distracted and it didn't register until moments later. 2. You could have anxiety that others are judging you or talking behind your back. 3. You could be having audible hallucinations and referential delusions (believing others are talking about you or implying things about you). As you can see, the possibilities range from the mild to the serious, so I really recommend you see a therapist and start journaling what you thought you heard, when you thought you heard it, and how you felt about it. Thought journals can be very helpful to therapists and to yourself for tracking patterns in your mental health. You might try asking the person you are with if they said something, what they said, and compare that to what you thought you heard. My compassion is with you, as I know hearing voices can be a scary experience; but just remember that you are loveable and it's okay to ask for help if you're scared.

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