Should I move on from my ex-husband?

My husband and I are separated. He says he needs some time apart. He says he needs to get back the “in love” part of a relationship but doesn’t want to lose me. Should I wait or start over new?

Pamela Suraci
Pamela Suraci
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That's a tough one.  Would you and your husband be willing to attend couples counseling during the separation?  That would benefit you both.  If you separate and reconcile, what will have changed other than you having time apart?  You will need to gain new skills to enhance and maintain your connection - otherwise you will risk repeating the cycle of disconnect, discontentment and separation.  Please seek help from a therapist trained in couples work to help the two of you find a way either back to each other or gracefully out of the marriage.  Time away will not, by itself, change your relationship into one that can be sustained.   

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