My boyfriend is upset about my friendship with another guy

I have a friend that who I used to be in a relationship with. It was brief and turned into us being just good friends.

I spent the weekend with him and it upset my boyfriend. Was i wrong?

Catherine Hodge
Catherine Hodge
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

That is a difficult situation and there is no right or wrong. You both need to discuss it and come up with a solution that works for the both of you. You want to spend time with your friend but your boyfriend  may feel betrayed by you spending quality time with another man you have been intimate with. There may be a way for you both to get your needs met. Maybe you only spend short periods of time with your friend, not a whole weekend. Or you check in with your boyfriend  periodically when you see your friend. It really depends on the two of you. If it becomes too difficult, you may need a neutral party to help you establish appropriate boundaries around this issue. Good luck!

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