Do I have to go to counseling to get hormones to transition from female to male?

Katie Leikam
Katie Leikam
LGBTQIA Affirming Gender, Anxiety and RelationshipTherapist

That depends entirely on the doctor you go to for your hormones.  WPATH, the World Professional association for Transgender Health, new standards of care say the therapy before hormones and a letter are recommended. There is a standard of care, ICATH which follows informed consent.  ICATH takes into the consideration that your body is your own and therefore your own choice as to what happens to it. There are doctors in metro areas that practice informed consent where you would not need to have a letter stating you have been to counseling.  Some doctors still require a letter from a counselor.  When you call to set up an appointment, ask the doctor if they require a letter.  If they require a letter, you will need to see a counselor.

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