Why am I scared to touch a girl?

I don't know if I'm normal. I'm really scared to touch a girl. I'm a young adult and a virgin. My fiancée and I want to have sex soon, and this might mess everything up because she wants a baby soon as well.

Kaileen McMickle, MS, LPC
Kaileen McMickle, MS, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Only going off of the information in your question, it seems like you maybe have some performance anxiety and fear disappointing your fiance.  

Fear can be tricky in the sense that it quite often masquerades as something that seems under our control.  For example, your fear of touching a girl may actually be a fear of being incompetently intimate or a bad fiance--It's easier to deal with those fears by avoiding touch because that gives you control and how else would you deal with those fears? 

I wonder if your fiance can be of any help to you.  It's scary to admit fears to people close to us but they can also offer some of the best support if that's been something you've experienced with her in the past.

It sounds like you are really hard on yourself as well.  It's normal to have anxiety about your first time having sex---that's a really special milestone!  Maybe it's worth looking into performance anxiety tips?  That can help you feel more prepared without removing the spontaneity of intimacy.

If it feels like nothing is working for you, you could see a counselor or sex therapist to explore more of that fear.  It's nothing to be ashamed about because it does happen to both men and women!

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