Is it normal to cry at therapy?

Is it normal for people to cry during therapy, or is it just me?

Laura Zane-Nwagbaraocha
Laura Zane-Nwagbaraocha
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Oh My! Absolutely it is! I half jokingly tell my clients if I don't make you cry at least 1x during therapy, I am not doing my JOB!  I also let them know I am highly sensitive and may tear up with them, but not to worry, I cry at a good hallmark commercial :) Crying in therapy is not only normal, it is healthy and expected. I keep 3 tissue boxes in my office, all within grabbing distance. When you are in there, a lot of times you are working on really heavy, difficult stuff that maybe you have not shared before, and that may stir up emotions and tears.  People don't tell you how hard of work therapy is, but it TRULY is HARD WORK if you are doing it right.  Let the tears flow, they are cleansing and can help you heal. 

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