My husband seems to be changing, and I feel angry and hurt

My husband took a job out of state for the next year and seems to be a different person. Before, he worked and slept, and on off days, he'd stay home because he didn't want to do anything else. Now he's going out with friends several nights a week while I'm still home working a 50 hours a week job and taking care of two kids by myself. He's suddenly saying he misses me and wants me to be his adored wife, but the whole time, I'm remembering how I've been emotionally starving for the last five years.

Peggy  Phipps, LCSW
Peggy Phipps, LCSW
Main Line Adult Counseling, LLC / Your Life: Reimagined

My first concern is you: As you stated, you have been emotionally starving for the past five years.  

Please try to find time for you; to clarify your thoughts and feelings by writing, talking to a trusted friend or family member and perhaps seeing a therapist.

What's really going on with your husband?  Does he discuss in detail his sudden change? 

Can the two of you still talk? Do you want the same things?  

Before you go to couples counseling, I suggest that you get some support first to feel grounded within yourself and your life.  Make sure you are ready to hear what might come out of counseling.   

I wish you the best. 

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