How can I tell if my spouse had sex with a prostitute?

My spouse visited the red light district a couple of years back in Amsterdam. After he got back from the trip he got me tested for stds. In the aftermath he has provided multiple versions of what happened, from having a total blackout to being touched by a prostitute. How do I know if he had sex?

Pamela Suraci
Pamela Suraci
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It sounds like you've been living with this uncertainty for those couple years since this happened.  

The reality is you won't ever "know" - mostly because of the various versions your husband has provided you.  

Infidelity, though painful, does not have to kill a marriage.  Secrecy and dishonesty certainly will though.   I encourage you and your husband to seek therapy together with someone who specializes in couples work.  The longer you wait to do so, the more damage is done to whatever connection you have and the greater the distrust will become. Please get qualified help, for your and your husband's sake. 

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