I get verbally abused everyday by my parents in front of my child and I cannot take it anymore

I'm being verbally abused on a daily basis by my parents in front of my child. I feel like I’m trapped and I have no escape. I feel like I have to listen to the horrible things they say and just take all of it.

I need some way of learning how to cope with listening to it especially since I have nowhere else to go. I feel very emotionally drained How can I deal with this?

Gayle Weill
Gayle Weill
Specializing in relationships and parenting - additional certifications in Child-parent psychotherapy, Circle of Security-Parenting program, adoption competency, hypnosis, and EMDR

It sounds like you feel trapped, like you have no way out of this situation, and that you want ways of coping with their treatment. Please know, that NO ONE deserves to be embarrassed in front of their loved one, or undermined in their child’s eyes because of being belittled by others. You do not deserve abuse, and you do not have to allow yourself to suffer through this. I respect that you want ways of coping through it, and I don’t know your situation and why you feel you have to take this, but you don’t deserve it and you don’t have to allow it. Create some boundaries. When your parents are saying hurtful things, respectfully and in a calm tone of voice let them know that your feelings are being hurt by what they are saying and you’re going to have to walk away now. Let them know you can come back when they can speak to you in a kinder way. Again, I don’t know your situation and whether you are reliant on them for financial/housing reasons, but if it is an option for your situation, keep your distance from them and let them know that you would like to be around them, but you need to create boundaries until they can learn kinder ways of speaking to you. Remember that you do not deserve abuse. I am very sorry that you have been made to feel so badly and I hope you can create some important boundaries with how you are treated in the future.

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