How can I be interested in the same sex after nearly 40 years of being straight?

After 40 years of being straight, how could I now find myself interested in people of the same sex? I have had a few same sex encounters of my own doing.

Robin K. Schnitzler
Robin K. Schnitzler
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It sounds like this revelation has rocked your sense of yourself, which is understandable. There are no rules about who we are attracted to, who we may choose to be intimate with, and who we may choose to love. 

Although this is changing (thankfully), our culture has provided limited openly acceptable options for all of these; asking us to generally fit into a heteronormative model. From my perspective supporting a variety of kinds of couples, it doesn't mater whether you had other inclinations that have been suppressed or if you are discovering something new about yourself. 

I support you (and all my clients) in accepting yourself as you are in this moment. It can be okay if that is scary or uncomfortable; it makes sense if it's new. It's also okay to find support with trusted friends, LGBTQ+ friendly organizations, or a therapist. I wish you all the best on whatever comes next for you.

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