How do depression and PMS symptoms contribute to one another and what can I do about it?

I struggle with depression as well as pretty intense mood swings throughout the month. I experience highs where I feel amazing and energetic and then lows where I lack focus, energy, and generally have a more dark outlook on my life. How can I live a more balanced life?

Dr. Timothy Paul
Dr. Timothy Paul
'man'; Online - "Natural Health Consultant and Coach"
It's fun to ride the roller coaster from time to time, isn't it? :)

But, it's also weary-making, and leads to drainage that no man or woman can hardly anticipate!

Balance comes with proper understanding of the different bodies you possess and how they function.

And, to begin, we focus upon your physical, and move right up the latter to the spiritual, and begin cleaning you out.

Unbalance is an experience of blocked energies that should be naturally flowing (call them what thou mayest); when blockages are removed, what is naturally there flows, and flows beautifully...
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