My husband kept a huge secret from me

He had a sexual relationship with his sister and kept it from me for years, I confronted about it and he finally told me what happened. But I dont think he is telling me the whole story. He works with her and sees her every day.

I feel that I shouldn't stay with him , but he says he ended it long time ago. Should I trust my husband and stay with him?

Audrey ONeal
Audrey ONeal
Bi-lingual Psychotherapist and HeartMath Certified Practitioner

It is understandable that you are questioning whether to trust your husband as you learned that he was involved in an incestuous relationship with his sister ,and you believe he hid the information from you for years. I am sensing that you believe he may still be involved with her as they work together and see each other daily.In our society, incest is considered a taboo, and this might clearly have been the reason he could not share it with you. In addition, it is not clear whether the incest emerged as part of experimentation,or whether it was a traumatic experience for both siblings in which one of them played the role of the malevolent perpetrator and the other the victim. In any case, there is complexity around the dynamics  incest and it is often necessary for the individuals that participated in it to  undergo a healing process. In like manner, it must have been distressing for you to uncover this event in your husband's life. You may need to explore these issues in couples counseling with a professional who has training and experience in the family dynamics around incest that can shed further light for you. I hope that through that process, you may be able to figure out what direction to take, in terms of whether to preserve your marriage or not. 

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