The child I nanny hates me!

I nanny a three year old. When he wakes up in the morning he calls out for someone to come get him. If I am the one to go get him out of bed he gets really upset and refuses to let me near him. He screams that he wants his mom or dad (they work from home).

The rest of the day he loves me. But not in the mornings.

What can I do?

Nikkita Stonner
Nikkita Stonner
Trauma Guru

It doesn't sound like he hates you, just misses mom and dad in the mornings. You could validate his feelings by saying something like "I know you want to see mom and dad right now, but they are working" and then give him a couple options of things that may take his mind off of it. This could be choosing what he has for breakfast or playing a game of his choice. If possible, it may also be helpful if you could create a routine in which he stops by mom and dad to say good morning. If this is routine, he will come to understand that he will be able to see mom and dad for a minute and not become anxious about seeing them. 

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