How does counseling end?

How does a counselor decide when to end counseling sessions or to terminate working with a client?

Shy Porter
Shy Porter
Specialist in couples & individuals

Ideally, termination should be a mutual process. It's not that the therapist kicks the client out at some point and says, "Okay, you're done." Rather, over time the client will decrease the frequency with which he/she comes to session so that it may start off as weekly, then decrease to biweekly, then perhaps once every three weeks, then once/month and so on. Throughout this process, the therapist and client should have had regular check ins about progress toward goals. If the client feels good about where he/she is in life, he/she might decide to suspend therapy for now. That being said, the therapist should make it very clear that if the client ever decided to return for "maintenance" therapy or a check in, he/she would always be welcome. 

There is no hard and fast rule to ending or a particular time period in which it must end. What matters most is that the client feels good about it and knows that the therapist will always be there should he/she wish to return. 

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