How do I get my husband back?

My husband and I are separated and he doesn't even want to talk to me.

He says he doesn't love me anymore, but I would do anything to get him back. Is there any hope?

Shelly Kessinger
Shelly Kessinger

I would focus on YOU right now. We cannot control him, his actions, his love, or his decisions. But we can work on you. Think about a few things: What do you want? What do you love about him? What made you two separate? What do you think about being in a relationship where your partner does not love you? Does that seem fair? He may want to work things out or he may be done. He may be done for a short period of time or be done forever. No one can answer that which is why I think you should change the focus. 

If you do get back together, will you still trust him to not leave you? What if he does not love you? 

If you never get back together, can you still have a healthy, happy life? Can you mourn that relationship but also learn from it?

I want you to be strong, happy, and healthy with or without him. So yes, there is hope for you - with or without him.

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