What can I do about my boyfriend being so close with another girl?

My boyfriend has this close female friend. It always bothered me because of how close they are, so I decided to meet her. That made the situation worse because they were even closer than what I thought. They acted like a couple rather than friends with each other. There was no physical interaction, but he talks to this girl a lot. What can I do? Leaving him isn't an option.

Lauren Ostrowski, MA, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH, CCTP, CCH
Lauren Ostrowski, MA, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH, CCTP, CCH
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I wonder if you could have a conversation with your boyfriend about how you are feeling. A few things may help with that:

  • Try having the conversation you are both able to have a conversation about something that is important (for example, not during a commercial for a TV show)
  • Maybe your boyfriend will be willing to listen to you for about five minutes asking questions to learn more about your experience, kind of like an investigative reporter would
  • See if your boyfriend is able to capture the essence of what you're saying by summarizing it for you
  • Remember that hearing you and following what you're saying does not mean that he agrees
  • Also consider if there are events in your past that are affecting the way you are looking at this relationship between your boyfriend and this other girl (we all bring our own histories into relationships and we unconsciously expect that what has worked in other relationships will work in current ones)
  • Then you can switch so that you can hear more about what he is experiencing (for example, what it is that he likes about her)
  • Also consider having a discussion that if one of you becomes very emotional and needs a break from the discussion, discuss having a timeout that will last for a certain time frame (usually between 15 minutes and one hour) and then come back to continue the discussion
  • Remember that the goal here is just to learn more about what each of you is going through, not to find a solution right away

This can be difficult. Consider working with a couples therapist to discuss it together.

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