How do I deal with the pain of losing my baby?

Michelle Comer
Michelle Comer
Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Mental Health

I'm so sorry for your loss.  Here are some things that I know have worked for other parents following the loss of their babies: allow yourself to feel all your feelings no matter how big or scary they may be, find ways to memorialize the baby now and in the future, and don't put a time limit on your grief.  It isn't a linear process so you will have days that make you feel like you did the moment you experienced the loss.  On other days, you will feel better and may not even think about the baby.  I hope you have a really good support system and at least one trusted person you can share your thoughts and feelings with without any judgment.  If you don't, I know parents have found comfort in journaling or blogging as ways to express themselves.  I'm glad you have reached out for help.  I'm wishing you well.. 

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