Can I change my feeling of being worthless to everyone?

I'm going through some things with my feelings and myself. I barely sleep and I do nothing but think about how I'm worthless and how I shouldn't be here.

I've never tried or contemplated suicide. I've always wanted to fix my issues, but I never get around to it.

How can I change my feeling of being worthless to everyone?

Candice Burch
Candice Burch
Hello! My name is Candice Burch-founder of Burch Tree Counseling Center. I look forward to helping you move towards becoming the best version of yourself.

I'm curious when you started feeling worthless? Sometimes people see themselves through a distorted lens based on certain events that have happened to them. 

Ask yourself when these feelings started

Did any event or multiple events lead you to believe this about yourself?

Also, what is your definition of being worthless?

Is there any evidence that would make you think that maybe you aren't worthless?

You can definitely work towards changing these feelings about yourself. If therapy is an option I would recommend CBT which often works towards changing a person's core beliefs. 

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