How can I learn to love and like myself and what's in the mirror?

Emily Forsythe
Emily Forsythe
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I'll offer two tools to consider: a bar and a puzzle piece. (What?!) Most people compare themselves to others - ie: I'm not as good looking as Jaime, I'm not as cool as Corey~ the person you might do better to look at is you. What cool thing did I do today that I didn't do yesterday? how did I do my hair in that picture that made me feel a little bit better looking? Moving the bar away from others and towards yourself can be helpful in building self-esteem. 

Another tool that can be helpful is that puzzle piece: I can't think of anyone who loves everything about themselves: starting from the smallest part of yourself, what is one attribute you DO like about you? (Psychology has long recognized that it's far easier to come up with a list of dislikes than likes, especially when it comes to ourselves or our circumstances) Maybe you have really great toes. Maybe you have an infectious grin. Maybe you're really fantastic at 80's trivia. Build a list of those small things, those puzzle pieces of great things about you, and in time, you might find you like all of you. Best of luck!
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