I want to feel more comfortable around people

My son was diagnosed with autism a few years ago and I stopped working so that I could take care of him. I also was dealing with an abusive relationship (mentally, physically, and emotionally). Now I live like a recluse and I always feel nervous around people.

How can I feel more comfortable around other people?

Gayle Weill
Gayle Weill
Specializing in relationships and parenting - additional certifications in Child-parent psychotherapy, Circle of Security-Parenting program, adoption competency, hypnosis, and EMDR

I have to start off by saying that I admire you so much for your devotion to your son and the fact that you stopped working to focus on and care for him. That cannot have been easy! Not to mention being in an abusive relationship where you are made to fear for your physical but also your emotional safety. You may or may not believe this- but it sounds like you’re a really strong person. And it also sounds like you want to feel better about yourself and be social with others, however you don’t know how to do that right now because like any normal person who has been harmed by someone and who has felt unsafe by someone you may not trust so easily, you are out of practice with being around others and having healthy relationships, and because of what you have been through you get anxiety from being social. The fact that you want to change that though is a huge positive. Was there ever a time when you didn’t feel nervous around others? Was there ever a time when you did feel comfortable around people? What goes through your mind when the idea of socializing comes up? These are some questions to explore in order to determine how you could feel more comfortable around people. In order to really answer your question I feel I need more information from you. In the meantime though, the first step is to recognize that you are not abnormal in your feelings, QUITE the opposite, and to not put pressure on yourself when you feel nervous around others. My suggestion is to seek therapy so that someone can make more specific recommendations by asking you some more questions, as more information is needed to really assist. Best of luck!

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