How do I overcome my anxierty and depression?

I’m facing severe depression and anxiety and I just feel like I’m going through a lot. This really distracts me and I cant get my mind off the things that are bothering me.

How do I overcome this anxierty and depression?

Michele Ramey
Michele Ramey
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I have been where you are. I did a bunch of stuff that kept me busy and it seemed like it was working, and it was. I finally went and did Brainspotting with a therapist and LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) and those were the two things that were the cherry on top. Now I feel like I see my depression, but I handle it differently. Same with my anxiety, it's there but it's not there as much as it was. Brainspotting is a phenomenal therapy where it gets to the deep limbic system ad it helps your brain to create new paths of responding. LENS is all about the brain and brainwaves and how your body responds to various frequencies. Traditional bio/neurofeedback is helpful, but it takes some time before you will feel differently, but LENS can cut that time in half or even a quarter. Combining both treatments, along with your effort and a therapist that you connect with will help you to overcome anxiety and depression to where you are controlling it and not the other way around. Hope this helps!

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