How can I be interested in the same sex after nearly 40 years of being straight?

After 40 years of being straight, how could I now find myself interested in people of the same sex? I have had a few same sex encounters of my own doing.

Jason Lynch, MS, LMHC-A, LCAC, ADS
Jason Lynch, MS, LMHC-A, LCAC, ADS
Individual & Couples Therapy

I frequently work with individuals who develop same-sex attraction later in life. Humans have a tendency to think of things in absolutes. Black or white. Good or bad. Gay or straight. In fact, much of life is lived in the "grey" that lies in between the extremes. This is especially true of sexual orientation which is fluid and occurs along a spectrum. As someone ages and grows, their sexual interests may change. I would encourage you to speak to a therapist who specializes in working with LGBTQ+ individuals. They will have the experience necessary to help you navigate these issues. 

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