Should I get a divorce?

I have cheated on my husband of five years roughly ten times. I pretend we aren't married at my work. Recently, he has caught on, but I lie to cover it. He use to talk to girls online, but I have caught myself constantly having a affair.

Brandon Coussens
Brandon Coussens
Couples Counseling, Premarital Counseling and Sex Therapy

I don't know that I should tell you to get a divorce. Some would, but I think there is something much deeper going on for you. I would be more concerned about figuring out the deeper reason you are having an affair. Do you have shame and guilt? Do you not like that you are doing this to your husband? Do you see yourself as a bad person, or do you just want more? All of this can be handled if you really want to fix it in your marriage.

You can have more in your marriage with some help. You can stop having affairs if you get help. I would encourage you to seek help right away and find out what you are missing that is driving you to commit affairs. I actually believe that if you get a divorce, you will probably keep repeating the same behavior with another person. Let me know if you desire more help.

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