My family can't stand me

I am the problem. I make my family argue because of me. My mom has even said it. It's constantly like this. I cause problems. I am worthless. I can't stop crying. Sometimes I have to cry myself to sleep. I can't even leave my room because my family can't stand me.

Allison Schickedanz, LMHC
Allison Schickedanz, LMHC
Here to help you through this journey

I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing this.  It can be really hard to deal with our family dynamics, especially when you feel this way and are being told these things.  

I would encourage you to keep in touch with people who support you, whether that is friends, a group or club you are involved in or even extended family (if that is an option).  I would also encourage you to seek out support in a professional sense, whether an individual therapist or even in a group therapy setting.

The things you are saying to yourself is negative self-talk and it is being fueled by the things others are saying to you.  It can be really difficult sometimes to see the positive in ourselves, and it can definitely take some digging and searching to find it.  But you have it within you somewhere and it is waiting to be let out.  

I hope you find therapeutic help that works for you and helps you to see how incredible you are.

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