I just lost my grandpa

I just lost my grandpa and i'm having a rough time with it.

I need some help to deal with the loss, but I don’t think I can pay for counseling. Where Can I get help?

Amelia Mora Mars
Amelia Mora Mars
Hi, I'm Amelia. I help overwhelmed, stressed out teen girls and women find peace again.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. He must have been very special to you and it definitely makes sense that you are having a hard time with it. 

Counseling may be an option if you have a university near you with a graduate marriage and family therapist program. Graduate students provide counseling at a very low cost as part of their traineeship.  Here is an example... http://www.clucounseling.org/.  Another possibility is a support group for bereavement and loss. Many are free. 

I wish you the best towards healing your heart.  

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