Is it weird or dangerous to give myself advice through an imaginary friend?

I'm a teenager, and I created a sort of imaginary friend to help me cope with stressful situations or if I'm worried or upset. She "gives me advice" and comforts me and tells me it'll be okay. I've given her a name (Solace) and created a personality for her that's like a comforting motherly figure. I know it's just my own advice and my own thoughts, but it's just that I'm thinking of them through a voice other than my own. I do this because I know I never really listen to my own advice, and I thought it would be better if it was through someone else who knew my thought process in and out, through this imaginary friend. Is this normal? Could it develop into a separate personality with time if I continue a mentality that she is her own person?

Amelia Mora Mars
Amelia Mora Mars
Hi, I'm Amelia. I help overwhelmed, stressed out teen girls and women find peace again.

Hi, I'm Amelia! You know, it does sounds like you have imagined a motherly comfort figure for yourself. Sometimes, when I have a person in my office that is very self-critical, I have him/her speak to his or herself as though he/she were speaking to a loved one. Isn't it sad that we speak to others more lovingly than we do ourselves?

If you have not received empathy, nurturing, or comfort from a caregiver, it is hard to internalize empathy, nurture or comfort from the inside. There is a saying that "We have been hurt in relationships and we can heal in relationships." Healing and growth are best provided in the context of healthy relationship. 

How about going the next step and finding a compassionate therapist or loving mentor that could actually provide you with the comfort that you need. You deserve to be seen, heard, noticed, and valued. I am wishing my very best to you!

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