Why do I feel anxious and uncomfortable at parties or big social situations?

Example would be homecoming? I was at my high school's home football game on Friday, and I left because I felt uncomfortable with all the people there and I just wanted to be by myself. Why is that?

Amelia Mora Mars
Amelia Mora Mars
Hi, I'm Amelia. I help overwhelmed, stressed out teen girls and women find peace again.

Hi! I'm Amelia. Oh, that is so frustrating! Have you ever heard of social anxiety? Sounds like you may be suffering from it. Here is a link to a quiz... https://www.psycom.net/social-anxiety-test/.

Besides being a therapist, I am a Mom to 10 kids. A couple of my kids are very uncomfortable with crowds and become very anxious. Find yourself a therapist who can assess you and spend time with you to address these issues and to help you learn tools to help you navigate these emotions.

I am wishing you the best!

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