How can I learn to be content and at peace?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend After being together for over 4 years. I truly believe I did the right thing, but omehow being single now has made me very needy and unsure of myself.

I am seeing someone casually and I am losing my mind with anxiety about how he feels about me and this need for validation.

How can I learn to be content and at peace with myself regardless of my career, relationship status, etc?

Mirella Caro-Cortes
Mirella Caro-Cortes
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Hello.  What you are experiencing is entirely reasonable for someone that is still trying to adjust to a new life and also leave behind a long term relationship.  It sounds like you lost touch with who you were as a person and need to start exploring that side of you again.  Spend time doing things that you have been putting off, or did not do because you were involved.  Take the time to become one with yourself before you get into another serious relationship.  Regaining self-confidence on yourself will help you with all other areas of life.  It is time to make you a priority and to start focusing on your mental and physical well being.  Get connected with your community and find things you would want to do that give you purpose and lift you.  Before too long you will be in your way to being content and in total control of your mind and at peace.  Best of luck. Mirella~ 

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