How do depression and PMS symptoms contribute to one another and what can I do about it?

I struggle with depression as well as pretty intense mood swings throughout the month. I experience highs where I feel amazing and energetic and then lows where I lack focus, energy, and generally have a more dark outlook on my life. How can I live a more balanced life?

Michele Ramey
Michele Ramey
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Have you ruled out anything medical? Having a balanced life takes some time and commitment. Sounds like you're ready, but you need someone to help guide you. I would find someone you connect with here. Besides that, check out this app, Brainwaves if you have an iPhone, if not, there's a brainwaves app on the android that helps with your internal brain frequencies to help you to feel better. There are 35 Binaural programs to choose from (iPhone app). The other thing is to create a new routine, incorporating meditation. 

A good program to follow is NEW START (Nutrition (What are you eating, is it benefiting you?), Exercise (Even a 30 minute Brisk walk is helpful), Water (Are you drinking half your body weight in ounces?), Sunlight (If it's still scarce, look for some Vitamin D to supplement), Temperance (Do you need Mental Health support, like working with a Therapist or Counselor?), Air (Are you getting fresh air in your lungs?), Rest (Are you getting restful sleep?), and Trust (which means Trusting in something bigger that you)). This is a daily thing to do. Hopefully, this helps! 

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