No matter what I do, my mom will almost always find something wrong with it

My mother has Alzheimer's and she has become so nasty and mean to everyone and she always asks for unrealistic, silly or meaningless items. I get so frustrated and angry, but then I feel guilty because I know it probably isn’t her fault. How can I cope with feeling like this?

Dr. Meredyth Lawrynce
Dr. Meredyth Lawrynce
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Getting to the root of what about her request upsets and frustrates you the most.  Does her asking ignite the realization of how much this condition has taken from her and subsequently you? When she asks for items, does it remind you of what this condition has truly done to her?  Anger is a secondary emotion, once we address what the true emotion is we can work thru anger and frustration. Self-Forgiveness is also important, her condition impacts you, and your feelings are valid.

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