I'm depressed because I want to lose weight

Wendy Bangerter
Wendy Bangerter
Awarefull; an evolution of Mindfulness

Depression is when you know what you need to do but are not doing it. The depression is telling you that are ready to accept who you are. Weight is traditionally an issue of protection and not feeling safe which in and of itself can add to the depression. This process is simple but is challenging to explain or walk someone through on social media. If there is one suggestion I would make it is to start living now, go do what you would do if you had lost the weight. Don't hold yourself back. Little shifts can help you start to make different choices.  When you do these little shifts they create big shifts. 

Of course adding Yoga, and Meditation is very helpful in weight loss. At our facility we have both of these as well as nutrition counseling using a wholistic approach. 

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