How can I get therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder without any money or insurance?

Candice Conroy, LMHC
Candice Conroy, LMHC
Find relief from anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Depending on where you are located, you may want to consider calling 2-1-1. It is a resource hotline that can help provide you with referrals for therapists or clinics in your area who may offer pro-bono services. When going through the list of referrals they provide you with, you can call around and see what types of treatment they offer for PTSD and make a list so you can do your own research before deciding what you think will be the best fit for you. There are several different types of trauma therapy, but some of the most common include cognitive processing therapy and EMDR in case you'd like to research them and get more information.

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