Is it normal to cry during therapy?

I start counseling/therapy in a few days (I'm freaking out) but my main fear is that I'll cry and embarrass myself, is it something to worry about?

Fenny Goyal
Fenny Goyal
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Crying is a natural process when you talk about upsetting things especially in therapy when you are opening up and being so vulnerable. I suggest that you consider how you would feel/respond to someone that was confiding to you and they began to cry. If you felt concerned, supportive and empathetic then you know exactly how us therapists feel when our clients are emotional in sessions. I suggest that you think of times where you have cried and how you felt at that time in public and what would have helped to make you feel less uncomfortable during your tears. 

I think of crying like any other natural reaction of our body such as sneezing, laughing, coughing. You can't help but do those things and most people won't really judge negatively if you do it in public. Similarly, crying is our body's reaction when we are emotional whether it is tears of joy, from a hilarious joke or from being upset. 

If you are very uncomfortable about crying but willing to start therapy perhaps you can ask the therapist if you can turn your chair around if you begin crying. This way you are not facing them and can self soothe without worrying about how you physically look at that time.

I wish you luck and you should be proud of yourself for starting therapy and I wish you a wonderful journey on this important path that you are embarking on. 
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