I'm addicted to smoking. How can I stop?

I'm planning to have baby, so I have to quit smoking - but it's hard. Sometimes it's not a physical need, it's mental.

I cannot help myself from thinking about smoking. What can I do to get rid of this addiction?

Michael Moates
Michael Moates
I work with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Personality/Emotional Regulation

Congratulations for thinking ahead to ensure that your child will have the healthiest possible start in life (and yourself). That is a fantastic way to get started! In addition, it is to your advantage that you are aware that the cravings that drive your addiction are not necessarily the result of a lack of a physical need.

My recommendation for the following stages is that you make an effort to pinpoint the exact moment(s) when you have the psychological need to smoke. The behavioral desires are often founded out of routine, such as smoking after a meal. Other examples include eating certain foods or drinking certain beverages. And if you are actively attempting to give up smoking, you will discover that the want to smoke begins with the simple thought of having a cigarette, then typically progresses to the thought of how fantastic it makes you feel a bit, etc., etc., .

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