What can I do about my family not accepting me as bisexual?

After I told them, they yelled at me.

Philippe Bower
Philippe Bower
Healing with Philippe

Coming out to our family can be one of the scariest and bravest things we as LGBTQ do. Sadly, sometimes these family members may not understand or even become scared for us and can lash out by yelling. One thing you may do is to give them time to process their personal emotions. Another thing you may do is to offer to provide local resources such as PFLAG to help educate them. Finally, I would like to mention that you may need to also prepare for your family never accepting your sexuality. This may happen if your family has deep-rooted religious ideas about sexuality.  Whatever happens, I would suggest that you create a support structure of the family that does understand, friends that are understanding, and even a counselor or minister to help you work through your personal emotions. 


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