My family says I have depression

I'm in my late teens and live with my dad. The only time I go out is for my college classes. Sometimes when I see my friends I want to talk with them, but sometimes I won't want to talk to them for days or even weeks.

Sometimes I feel i'm not worth knowing or i'm never going to do anything right.

Are they right, am I depressed?

Dr Traci Kochendorfer
Dr Traci Kochendorfer
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Characterized by persistent sadness and a lack of interest or pleasure in previously rewarding or enjoyable activities

You're not alone. Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression - WHO

Following could be potential causes of depression
1. Family history. You’re at a higher risk for developing depression if you have a family history of depression.
2. Early childhood trauma.
3. Some events affect the way your body reacts to fear and stressful situations.
4. Brain structure.
5. Medical conditions.
6. Drug use.
Like I always state seeking to get physical and mental tests done then start a path in talk therapy
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