How do I overcome my anxierty and depression?

I’m facing severe depression and anxiety and I just feel like I’m going through a lot. This really distracts me and I cant get my mind off the things that are bothering me.

How do I overcome this anxierty and depression?

Michael Greene
Michael Greene
Therapy That Focuses on Root Causes

Anxiety and depression are often linked. I don't consider them as diseases. Depression is a symptom of deep hurts to the sense of self that leaves a person feeling shamed. Anxiety is a symptom of not being given the proper emotional resources to handle the problems of life. It is also the result of being taught that life is a dangerous place that can't be managed.

You can overcome your anxiety and depression by first...  (more)You can overcome your anxiety and depression by first understanding that both are statements, not diseases. Depression says I have been hurt and I carry around shame about who I am. Anxiety says I have been taught that the world is not safe and I don't have tools for helping myself to deal with life.

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