How do I get over "imposter syndrome"?

I'm dealing with imposter syndrome in graduate school. I know that by all accounts I am a phenomenal graduate student, and that I am well-published. I am well liked by students and faculty alike. And yet I cannot shake the feeling that I'm going to be found out as a fraud.

How can I get over this feeling?

Audrey  ONeal
Audrey ONeal
Bi-lingual Psychotherapist and HeartMath Certified Practitioner

According to research, one of the ways to manage imposter feelings is to explore the cognitive distortions that contribute to the negative emotions. Expert  Jessica Vanderland, Ph.D a clinical psychologist.  challenges individuals to examine the bigger picture and asked the question concerning  what fact supports that you deserve to be in your role? Vanderland said, "it can help to zoom out and consider how where you are now compares to where you were last year or five years ago."  Vanderland recommended a simple exercise of exploring how you might help a friend who undermines their achievements and then apply the same supportive words to their your own narrative.

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