Is it healthy to embarrass a child as punishment?

My grandson's step-mother sends him to school with a pink Barbie backpack as a form of punishment.

Candice Lawhorn
Candice Lawhorn
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Absolutely not! 

It is never in a child's best interest to use humiliation as punishment. This can lead to issues in the relationship between parent and child as well as the child's social relationships. Kids have a hard enough time. To then go and cause them embarrassment is unconscionable. 

The entire job of a parent is to prepare their child to become a successful, healthy adult. You do this by using healthy ways to teach a child when they make a mistake. Discipline shouldn't be seen as punishment. It should be seen as a way to teach a lesson. What lesson could this possibility be teaching him? Absolutely nothing. 

Meanwhile, she is most likely damaging her relationship with him and causing great distress in his school day and peer interactions. 

She should be one of the people he can come to when he's hurting; not someone who causes him pain.

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