Is it normal to cry at therapy?

Is it normal for people to cry during therapy, or is it just me?

Damalie Namale
Damalie Namale
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Absolutely crying is very normal in therapy for many reasons. Some people after a good cry feel better , in other words crying can be a stress reliever.  To other people who have never spoken about their pain, talking about it can trigger raw emotions and can lead to crying. 

To other people  who have never been heard, therapy can create an environment of being heard, which can be validating and healing.

If your heart has experienced so much loss, it maybe grieving and the  tears are an expression of deep emotional pain.

Sometimes your heart can experience so much joy and gratitude that crying maybe the way you express it.

So if you find yourself crying in therapy, do not shame yourself. You are not being weak but expressing your emotions in a healthy way.

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