Could a car accident add more problems to my posttraumatic stress disorder?

I have been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder due to my military experiences. Not a year ago, I had a car accident. Could this experience add more problems?

Director, Rinspire Life Coaching

A car accident can be scary and possibly trigger your symptoms of PTSD. It is good that you recognize the possibility of this occurring.

Not everyone who experiences a car accident develops PTSD. The chances are definitely increased due to your prior diagnosis during military service.

Some of the things to be mindful of for yourself include:

1. Feelings of anxiety and increased heart rate when you're faced with reminders of the event.

2. Feeling a little more on edge when you're driving.

3.Being more watchful. You're more likely to scan your environment for potential sources of threats.

4. Avoidance. Because of the anxiety that often follows an accident, it's natural that you may want to avoid some situations or experience hesitation at times.

If you experience any of these symptoms or feel other symptoms of PTSD it would be advisable to seek help possibly through your local VA Medical Clinic or a private practitioner. There are certain modalities such as EMDR that can help with your symptoms. 

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