PTSD is impacting my whole life

I have PTSD. The side effects are really bad and have impacts on sex, anger and my relationships. I even lost my job month ago.

How can I get my life back?

Naomi Krajewski
Naomi Krajewski
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  Recovering from past harm can be done with a therapist who is well-trained in trauma recovery. This type of therapy is most effective when done in three stages. The first stage is comprised of practices that help the client learn to self-soothe - these can include mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, and guided visualizations. Once a core sense of safety has been established, it can be helpful to process what happened. You may want to use the tools of traditional talk therapy in this stage, which is helpful. You may also want to work somatically (with bodily sensations) since the trauma is held physically as well as mentally and needs to be processed there as well. The last stage is integration, where we update our relationship to self and other  and the past can finally feel like it has no hold on the present. 

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