Is it normal to cry at therapy?

Is it normal for people to cry during therapy, or is it just me?

Zofia Czajkowska, PhD OPQ
Zofia Czajkowska, PhD OPQ
Psychologist in Montreal

Crying in therapy is definitely normal. A lot of people, if not most, cry in therapy. Why does it happen? During therapy you'll explore your thoughts and emotions. Some of them will be pleasant: joy, hope, excitement, etc., so you will smile and laugh. Others may be more unpleasant, such as grief, sadness or anger, so you may feel like shouting or crying. It's healthy to accept and feel all your emotions and to express them in appropriate ways. Crying is a good way of expressing sadness, disappointment and helplessness. If you try to cut off some of the "negative" feelings, you are likely to also cut off your positive ones and feel numb as a result. Crying in therapy speaks to your ability to relax and let go in the presence of another human being (essential for healthy relationships!) and it also speaks to your therapist's skills at making you feel safe and comfortable. Good for you! It's your therapy and you can cry if you want to!  

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