Dr. Theresa Moore

Educator, Clinician, Poet
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
6 years in practice

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There is an African Proverb that I have found myself to grow more fonder of, the older I get. It is stated: Peace is costly, but it's worth the expense. The understanding of peace here acknowledges the impact of healing and the continual ability we must endure to maintain peace. My role has been to explore this within myself as well as allow reflection for others to explore. I do not believe there to be one way or form for healing ( "Peace"); and I invite clients and other professionals alike to embrace this diversity of perspective. I look forward to speaking and sharing with you soon.

Dr. T. Moore, Ed.D., LCPC

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Hello. It sounds like you and your parents are not balanced in your communication and awareness of expectations. Your growth is not only reflected in your ability to understand and apply new knowledge and skills, it is also reflective of your parents acceptance of your understanding and application... more

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