Why am I scared to touch a girl?

I don't know if I'm normal. I'm really scared to touch a girl. I'm a young adult and a virgin. My fiancée and I want to have sex soon, and this might mess everything up because she wants a baby soon as well.

Sherry Katz, LCSW
Sherry Katz, LCSW
Couples and Family Therapist, LCSW

Your question is a good one!

The best way to decrease the fear would be to talk with your fiancee about it.   Eventually she'll find out, and better to talk about it when there is less pressure than to be in the midst of a situation which frightens you.

Also, she may feel similar to you, who knows?

Discussing a topic which relates directly to your relationship is a good way to increase emotional intimacy.  And emotional intimacy has a lot to do with feeling at ease with physical intimacy.

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