How can I avoid having past traumatic experiences affect my present and future?

I have family issues, and my dad was both violent and a cheater.

Laura Salinas
Laura Salinas
Certified Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

In general, our past is always somewhat alive and does inform our present experiences.  All past experiences, both positive and negative are what have brought you where you are today, physically and emotionally.   

That being said, your father's behavior does not have to define you or your future.  You have power over your life and your future.  By learning more about yourself, you can learn to incorporate your past into your present life, without being defined by past traumas.  

The best way to grow and learn how to do this is to talk with someone about your experiences.  By talking about your past and present struggles with a trusted confidante or helping professional you will hopefully learn how to be at peace with your past.  

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